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Types of Marine Surveys

We offer a complete range of marine inspections

With more than 40 years experience, our team has all the knowledge and expertise to assist you with a variety of service and inspections. Although we are based in Surrey, we can travel to your location.

There are various types of marine surveys available, and they include:

Pre-purchase Survey

Usually the most expensive marine survey, recommended when purchasing a second-hand boat.

Hull and Bulkhead Survey

A survey done on the main hull and the internal bulkheads.

Hull and Machinery Survey

A survey to assess the damage caused by a collision or machinery breakdown.

Valuation Survey

Performed for an insurance company to assess whether or not the boat will be an acceptable risk for an insurance policy.

Structural Survey

An in-depth survey on the structural condition of the boat, requiring extensive removal of the inner linings.

Damage Survey

Usually done for an insurance company to assess the extent of damage as a result of an accident.

Finance Survey

This survey is usually done for a financial institution if they have lent money against the security of the boat.

Cargo Damage Survey

This is done to determine the cause and the extent of the loss of cargo.

Tonnage Measurements 

Measuring the Gross tonnage (GT), engine power and length of the vessel.

At Cetec Marine Ltd we specialise in various types of marine surveys in Southern England. For more information about our marine surveys, phone us on 01784 456 872.