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Tonnage Measurements 

UK Marine Surveyors 

We are a team of experts specialise in a variety of marine surveys for our customers. We also provide tonnage measurements, and we have more than 40 years experience in the industry.

When it comes to tonnage measurements, we can provide an accurate measurement report. These measurements are very important in order to assess the fleet capacity of the vessel. 

tonnage measurements

Our reports are always accurate and aimed at insurance providers and financial institutions that need to determine the value of a vessel.

You should have accurate measurements of the vessel's numbers and all its main characteristics. 

Although we are based in South England, we can travel to your location. This is ideal for anyone who wants a professional marine survey done. Our services include:

Valuation surveys

Pre-purchase surveys

Insurance surveys

At Cetec Marine Ltd we specialise in tonnage measurements in Southern England. 

These measurements should be done by experts with a significant background in marine surveys. Feel free to contact our team for any unique requirements you may have. We can also give you helpful tips and advice on how we can accurately handle your tonnage measurements.

For more information about tonnage measurements, phone us on 01784 456 872.