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Pre-purchase Surveys 

Marine Surveys in Surrey

We have years of experience when it comes to Marine survey., We can provide you with a thorough survey and detailed report which is good value for money. Of all the Marine surveys we perform, a pre-purchase survey is often the most requested one.

A pre-purchase survey is usually the most comprehensive of all the types of marine surveys available. This is usually done when a boat is being purchased as a second-hand craft.

These surveys should be done independently in order to effectively inspect the boat. The inspection includes:



 Service systems


The survey will attempt to find any faults. This also includes the thickness  measurements.

What is a Pre Purchase Survey?

Before you buy any boat, you will need to ensure that it is safe enough to take onto the water.

These surveys consist of an inspection of the structural integrity of the boat, including tightness of the:


Stern gear


It's a thorough survey, which also includes the size and the condition of the cathodic protection. It will require a detailed examination of the following:


Electrical systems

Fuel systems

Propulsion system

Gas systems


Marine Surveys in Surrey

At Cetec Marine Ltd we specialise in pre-purchase surveys in Southern England. 

This survey is carried out by an experienced professional. This is to ensure that it is accurate. They will detail any possible issues or faults that the vessel may have.

In some cases, a sea trial can also be requested as part of the pre-purchase survey. This is done to ensure everything works as it should, which is why the sea trial is the best way of doing an assessment.

For more information about our pre-purchase surveys, phone us on 01784 456 872.